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 Raye Ann Saunoris is the owner of A Raye of Color and a professional artist who caters to all of Chicagoland and surrounding areas for both commercial and residential work FOR OVER 20 years!(Insured and willing to travel). Her inspiration and her creative energy derives from her children, family, nature and above all, her love for life! Several times she has been featured in local papers & The Patch because of her diversified artistic talents. Her mission is to design and paint radiant sunshine that personalizes each customer's style in their own unique way, whether its through a children's book or painting walls! 


The Artistry of a Mom's

Acrylic Painting of a Chicago Artist Painting The Chicago River on Michigan Avenue

A Wren bird happened to dip his beak in the red paint as I snapped a photo. Ironically, when I picked my mom up to drive into the city earlier that day, a Wren bird greeted me while sitting in a birdhouse on her front porch. Because of the bird, I created this painting.

Raye Ann

Custom Paintings

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