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The Grandma with the Old Sole

Written & Illustrated by:
Raye Ann Saunoris

 "The Grandma with the Old Sole"

(Mom's Choice Award Recipient)

A true story about a grandma who shares her old soul with her grandson. He learned from her that having old sole socks and being imperfect is perfectly perfect. This

8 1/2" x 11"  children's picture  hardcover book  includes award winning illustrations, engaging rhymes and a story that apprizes a relatable strong heartfelt message. It truly makes a lovely gift that includes adult encouragement!

Published & Copyrighted 2023



$22.95 plus tax


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      She patted his back and played soft                               music to relax him,
        while he watched his goldfish name
                             Jim, swim.

$22.95 Hardcover

Signed Books available at Saunoris Brothers
          Garden Center in Frankfort Illinois

Stay tuned for more available locations                         Where books will be sold! 

About The Author
Illustrator & Chicagoland Artist

Color &
Texture by Raye Ann

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